EGGERT Engineering
Zoostatus Multifunctional Veterinary Center
Moscow, 2018
1989 m2
ABD Architect →
316 visits per day
183 visits per shift
50 persons maximum one-time visit
Zoostatus Veterinary Center is a modern, multifunctional clinic which provides everything that is necessary for the pets' and their owners' comfort.

The clinic is furnished with a unique range of essential examination equipment, including expert-class CT, MRI and X-ray machines, and equipment for complex surgeries using a gamma knife.

This is one of the few veterinary clinics that uses a linear accelerator to treat tumours in animals. The other nearest accelerator is located in the UK.
Yulia Alferova
Senior process engineer
When designing the clinic, we aimed to create a super-comfortable building for all living creatures. The clinic should be functional and comfortable for the clinic staff, visitors and their pets.

The clinic complies with the strictest international standards of veterinary care. For example, there is a direct (no-turning) path from the building's entrance to the intensive care units, because every second counts in emergencies.

We have paid a great deal of attention to the layout and optimisation of space. An offbeat solution was to arrange a common control center for MRI, CT and accelerator. We have managed to put control over all the apparatuses in the same room, while keeping the user flows apart.

The center includes a medical area with inpatient rooms and operating theaters. The physiotherapy block even has a swimming pool and an underwater treadmill for animals with locomotor disorders.

An animal hotel was designed at the clinic, so there is no need to bring the pets back and forth for daily exmainations. The expertise had already been passed and the center received a favourable expert opinion. The clinic will be up and running shortly.
Project run by
Vladimir Danilov
Project lead
Yulia Alferova
Senior process engineer
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