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Reconstruction of Vyborg Castle museum complex
reconstruction of a historic building
1,092 m2
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Vyborg Castle was built in the 13th century on the Gulf of Finland by the Swedes. Until the middle of the 19th century it was used as a military fortification, but after the fires it was deemed unusable.

Museum was established in the castle by order of Alexander III. The last reconstruction and archaeological work on the castle took place in 1970. The castle has not been restored ever since, and the museum's space organisation hase become obsolete.

The aim of the castle's reconstruction in 2015 was to restore the historical appearance of the building by removing attributes and additions of the Soviet times, as well as to bring the museum up to date and make it a more pleasant place to visit.
Dmitry Vasiliev
Project manager
As with all work on museum objects, we listened carefully to the wishes of museum staff. The museum was restored and adapted for modern use.

First and foremost, everything that had been done during the Soviet period of use was cleaned and removed. There was a need to create comfortable and modern exhibitions, while maintaining the spirit of antiquity. The museum exhibits various objects, from guns and coins to huge anchors and even ships.

Therefore we selected the museum equipment very thoroughly and calculated load-bearing capacities – the equipment should look nice and not break under the weight of the exhibits in the long run.

We calculated use scenarios – flows of people from the cash desk through all the rooms or according to excursions. We optimised the work of the staff – the custodian should not be overburdened or bored in the hall. The museum is accessible to wheelchair users. Because it is a castle, the historical staircases are narrow. A special lift was organised.

The exhibits are of historical value. So we strengthened the security system and consulted the museum staff extensively on additional security measures.

Project run by
Dmitry Vasiliev
Project lead
Vladimir Danilov
Director of Engineering
Oleg Karpenko
Senior process engineer
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