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Refurbishment of production facility for rapeseed oil bottling, Sonneveld company
Leningrad Region
370 m2
Sonneveld →
5 employees on the staff
3 max per shift
Since 1956, Sonneveld has been introducing innovative products to the food industry, mainly in the baking industry. Sonneveld operates worldwide.

The company adheres to European standards and observes high requirements for product quality and environmental friendliness. In rapeseed oil production, several high-quality varieties are mixed to create a blend.
Dmitry Silantiev
Chief Executive Officer
The rapeseed oil bottling chamber was set up on the site of an existing peanut processing facility. There were some spaces left vacant on the site.

The production technology itself is not a complicated one, but, as with the design of any production facility, there were nuances. Production is in operation. We had to elaborate the loading logistics so that it would not overlap with the butter filling.

The peanut chamber has high quality requirements, as the products are supplied to Mars plants. By distributing the streams, the possibility of crossing over on both sides has been prevented.

The product itself has its own special characteristics. Rapeseed oil is viscous, which is why run-off in the event of a spill has been additionally provided for. To ensure fire safety when handling the flammable product, the logistics for storage and how much product can be stored in the warehouse have been reviewed.
Project run by
Dmitry Silantiev
Project Lead
Katerina Shchadrova
Project Manager
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