EGGERT Engineering
The Residence housing development
St. Petersburg
18538 m2
Yusupov Architects →
35 students in pre-school
16 people spa staff
8 people at maximum shift
72 seats in a café
The Residence is a business-class housing development located in the centre of Vasilievsky Island in St. Petersburg. The ground floors are occupied by commercial premises and such amenities as kindergarden, polyclinic and spaces for tenant companies.

The courtyard is completely free of cars, and the underground parking is conveniently located and provides extended parking lots for families which have several cars.
Dmitry Silantiev
Chief Executive Officer
We designed the underground parking technology and the infrastructure floors such as spa, fitness center, café, kindergarden, etc.

The specific arrangement of the building's structural elements could significantly complicate the layout and distribution of the flows.

In order to find the most rational option that would suit all the parties involved, we had to change the already partially developed solutions a number of times.
Project run by
Dmitry Silantiev
Project lead
Dmitry Vasiliev
Project manager
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