EGGERT Engineering
Rehabilitation unit of Medical Center "XXI Century"
Leningrad Region
31383 m2
250 visits per shift
10 staff members per shift
The new clinic of Medical Center "XXI Century" will be located in the village of Kommunar, Leningrad Region. The recovery and rehabilitation center features a variety of rehabilitation techniques, such as hydrotherapy, water and mud therapy, work therapy, physical therapy and a swimming pool.

The clinic also houses a laboratory unit, several floors occupied by an inpatient unit, a polyclinic, a disinfection unit and a functional diagnostics unit (CT, MRI, X-ray).
Vladimir Danilov
Director of Engineering
The rehabilitation center comprises many different units. The challenge was to distribute functional flows between the blocks so it wouldn't take long for the staff and the visitors to walk from one block to another.

The functional model we developed consisted of many branch lines between the units. It was a puzzle of 15 to 17 elements inextricably connected to each other. When we put everything together in a correct layout, we initially exceeded the area by 30% of the one expected.

Then we optimised the area to 21,000 sqm which was the only possible option that did not violate the regulations. After that, we combined the functions of some rooms, cutting 2 to 3 sqm in different places. Finally, we made the floor space minimum for such a multifunctional building.
Project run by
Vladimir Danilov
Project lead
Alexey Gutev
Project manager
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