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Public building design
Design of any types of public buildings and multifunctional spaces: museums, sports facilities, infrastructure of residential developments, entertainment centers and office spaces, railway stations and airports.

If every square meter of space is used to a maximum advantage, safety and users' comfort, the main goal of the technology has been achieved.
Quality technological solutions are invisible to most people. But it is the technology of the building that determines whether the visitors will get good impression and whether it will be convenient for the employees to maintain them.

Multifunctionality, ergonomics and safety are the main requirements for modern public buildings. We implement them with minimum expense and space.

Sometimes, the regulatory documents may not meet the resources and wishes of the customer. Our task is to implement the original concept and agree on the way of its implementation, even if it formally collides with the requirements of the regulations.

We look for compromise solutions, develop compensatory measures, conduct scientific research to select arguments. We have dozens of ways to work with regulations within the legal framework.

We work not only with the regulatory framework in force in the Russian Federation, but also with foreign, industry-specific, corporate and other requirements within the scope of each facility.

Design fields
1. Sport centers, stadiums, ice arenas
2. Museum complexes, cultural centers, theaters and concert halls
3. Hotels, spa centers, tourist bases, residences
4. Shopping centers

5. Entertainment centers and amusement parks

6. Transportation infrastructure facilities, train stations, airports
7. Educational institutions
8. Scientific research establishments and institutes
9. Catering and personal service facilities
10. Zoos, aquariums, oceanariums
11. Banks, depositories, archives
Already at the stage of reviewing the source data, the technologists see it clearly which subtle aspects require attention in the first instance. The employees' work experience ranges from 6 to 20 years.

At the start of the project, all consultations are free of charge.
Advantages of our work
We create effective functional buildings models

Work with unique forms, conflicting use scenarios, investor requirements to functionality, budget limitations - all this requires the utmost attention to detail and reasoned decisions.

Our specialists will always find the best functional solution. We recommend that you invite a technologist already at the concept development stage. This will save the time and budget of the project team.
We appreciate the users' comfort

Our specialists are mindful of not only the the buildings aesthetics, but also of the visitors' comfort.

We design such buildings that we would be happy to use ourselves. That is why our technologists carefully study the world experience and adapt it to the Russian realities.
We develop solutions for the cultural heritage sites

Top technological performance when dealing with the constraints is reconstruction of the cultural heritage sites. Complete preservation of historical elements when changing the functional purpose requires solid experience and creativity.

For 6 years of work we have accomplished 10 complex restoration projects, including the Kremlin Museums and reconstruction of the Badaev Brewery .

We support the decisions with numbers

Total cost of the construction also depends on the detailed elaboration of the process design solutions. We give reasons for our decisions not only in terms of standards, but also in terms of numbers, which is always important for the end customer.

Our decisions are always supported by economic indicators that allow us to justify the cost of the entire project.
Our team helps you win in competitive projects

We support competitive projects of both young, and the world greatest architects. Technological feasibility of a tender project increases the level of the project's feasibility and helps to better calculate the cost of the future building.
Our experience has shown that it saves a lot of time, reduces the number of adjustments, and helps to preserve the architects' idea in its original form.
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