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Reconstruction of Oktava plant
150 people reception capacity
142 seats in the restaurant
4 lift groups
Oktava plant was founded in Tula in 1927. For almost a century the plant has been developing and producing electroacoustic products designed for civil and military use.

In 2016 the plant was taken over by the State Corporation "Rostec". The production part of the plant was relocated to the outskirts of Tula, and the plant itself was transformed into a creative cluster with a school of modern high technologies.

To this end, the building was extensively recontsructed, with modern exhibition space, workshops and laboratories for students.
Katerina Shchadrova
Project Manager
Our primary task was to turn a production facility into a convenient public space. For Tula, this is the first experience of establishing a creative cluster in a production building.

Several floors of Oktava are occupied by the museum of history of machine tool technology with the exhibits on display. And modern machines will be located in workshops and laboratories.

The project contemplates several types of workshops that can be quickly adapted. Everything is focused on the development of modern technology – for programming and electronics projects, research and application of new production technologies, holding international engineering and robotics contests.

The building also houses a Fablab for printing prototypes on 3D printers and a creative workshop for giving new life to the old objects. The air in the laboratories is cleaned with specialised highly efficient air-strainers.

Minor difficulties occured with distribution of the flows. The bulding has few points of entrance, which is insufficient for proper functioning. We solved this issue without inctroduction of new nodes by having made the best use of the existing vertical transport and distributing the flows of people and materials over time.

All in all, the project turned out to be very pleasant and challenging. We hope that the residents of Tula enjoy it.
Project run by
Katerina Shchadrova
Project Lead
Victor Aleksandrov
Senior Process Engineer
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