EGGERT Engineering
Production of electric motors and generators by the Leningrad Electro-Mechanical Plant
Leningrad Region
1,117 m2
12 employees on the staff
6 per shift at the most
Leningrad Electro-Mechanical Plant produces power generators for the wind power industry. Only a few companies in Europe are capable of producing equipment of such enormous capacity.

The plant upgrades its equipment on a regular basis and keeps an eye on its competitiveness in the market. Monolit is the largest vacuum impregnation plant using VPI technology in Europe. It reaches a depth of eight metres and is used to insulate large electrical machines.
Dmitry Silantiev
Chief Executive Officer
We have been creating a project to reequip an existing production facility - a section for impregnating and polymerising machines.

Large parts and engine components are first impregnated in a special autoclave filled with compound. The part is lowered into the autoclave and impregnated under pressure.

The part is then lifted and loaded into a special furnace where the elements are cured at high temperature.

For the legendary engine manufacturer, new equipment using state-of-the-art technology increases competitiveness in the market and attracts new investments in the industry.
Project run by
Dmitry Silantiev
Project Lead
Vladimir Danilov
Director of Engineering
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