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Medical design
Medical facilities are among the most difficult to design.

We fully understand the scope of responsibility when designing medical facilities and microbiological laboratories, therefore, our every solution is developed with the stringent standards and safety requirements in mind.

What's most important in the design of health facilities is to arrange in a small area for many flows with different levels of biological hazard.

In order to prevent intersections of the flows and deterioration of the building ergonomics, it is necessary to have hands-on experience in the design of medical facilities and a great deal of specific knowledge.

Choosing the best aid technology is another important point. Medical science doesn't stand still, visions of the effectiveness and safety change regularly. Understanding the modern principles of each department's spacing is an essential factor of the object's functionality.
Creation of the conditions for a safe stay and comfortable work in a medical facility is one of the technological project's priorities.
We render a wide range of services in the sphere of medical design:

Design of all types of technological solutions for multipurpose hospitals. From classification of patients, operating theater and production of tablet nutrition to helipad and production of infusion solutions.

Design of infectious inpatient units, including for patients with particularly dangerous infections.

Design of medical facilities which provide specialized care: radiotherapy and synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals, transplantology and artificial organs, patient-oriented and gene therapy methods, robot-assisted surgery, and much more.

Design of prefabricated buildings based on module constructions. Development of block modules of any type for such buildings.

Conversion of medical facilities, including in emergency situations.

Design of testing laboratory centers, including those dealing with RG I-II microorganisms.

Design of training and simulation centers, including with the use of robotic devices.

Design of veterinary clinics.

Selection and medical equipment integration projects.

Correct selection of equipment will allow for provision of maximum number of services at minimum expense. As a result, the facility will combine cost-effectiveness with maximum operational efficiency.
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