EGGERT Engineering
Oncology dispensary in Kuzmolovo
Leningrad Region
11000 m2
180 beds in surgical and treatment block
250 visits to polyclinic per shift 
30 beds in radiology unit
Leningrad regional oncology centre was opened in 1951. In 2003, its capacity was increased by opening a dispensary in Kuzmolovo. In 2017, a decision was made to develop the oncological dispensary and build new units.

After the new buildings will have been constructed, the oncology centre's capacity will almost double, and the range of services will expand drastically. The new buildings of the oncology centre in Kuzmolovo will be fitted with the latest equipment.
Victor Alexandrov
Senior process engineer
At the start of the project, we revised the draft project and figured out it had to be abandoned and designed from scratch. Otherwise, it was impossible to fit all the required functionality into the allocated space.

Even after we had reviewed the spaces, we encountered a lot of difficulties in the layout. In medicine, there are especially many requirements, and every detail has to be taken into account, since there are many risks inherent in the medical facility's operation, and it invloves peoples' health.

The oncology centre project is an order by the state. More than a half of the funds allocated for the construction and equipment are spent on the technological equipment. That is why the P stage looks almost like the RD stage with a detailed list of equipment for the quote.

Selection and agreement of the equipment were a particular challenging and painstaking task. We talked to the doctors of each ward in order to find the best configuration. All the equipment, down to the smallest items, was agreed upon. Then we talked to the equipment suppliers, calculated the load on the engineering networks, and adjusted the ergonomics of the rooms.

The doctors at the clinic are delighted with the project and are looking forward to moving into the new oncology centre's building.
Project run by
Vladimir Danilov
Project lead
Yulia Alferova
Senior process engineer
Victor Alexandrov
Senior process engineer
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