EGGERT Engineering
Moscow Kremlin Museum Complex
on Red Square
reconstruction of a historic building
86300 m2
Meganom →
36 seats in a children educational centre
12 seats in an adult educational centre
360 seats in a conference room
The architectural concept for the new museum was created by the Meganom studio, led by Yuri Grigoryan, in collaboration with Nowadays office. The project combines renovation and new construction.

The museum on the Red Square will house expositions of the Moscow Kremlin. The new buildings will be located along the contour of the demolished shopping stalls. The complex of buildings to be recontructed will include historic buildings built in 1893 by architect R.M. Klein.
Katerina Shchadrova
Project manager
Particular attention was paid to security. The museum is located on the Red Square. Even trash had to be removed by the shortest route, no unnecessary people or clearances.

We worked carefully with the space and worked out different usage scenarios. The main challenge was multimedia systems in the conference hall. Sound and light depend on the architecture of the hall. With each iteration of the project, the shape of the hall changed, and with it, changed the multimedia design.

In order to make quick calculations, we worked closely with the architects and selected systems for sound, video, guided artistic light and simultaneous interpretation.

We didn't just select the equipment, we selected it to match the Architectural Interiors section. This means that every element inside the building must contain the ideal functional characteristics and comply with the design concept.
Project run by
Katerina Shchadrova
Project lead
Alexey Gutev
Project manager
Alexander Dobryshin
Senior process engineer
Iliya Efimov
Process engineer
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