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Centre of Islamic Civilisation in Tashkent
Museum technology
60,000 m2
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A cultural and scientific Centre of Islamic civilisation will open in Tashkent, representing the culture and history of Islam in Central Asia. The centre will house a museum, an academy, a library, foundation depositories and a conference hall. All premises will be fitted with state-of-the-art equipment.

It is a joint project of Uzogirsanoatloiha JSC and French architectural bureau Wilmotte & Associes Architectes. The facades and exterior of the building in the traditional style are a project of the Uzbek bureau Karat Project. We designed the overall building technology and museum technology, while our partners M.K.3 designed the engineering systems.
Katerina Shchadrova
Project manager
Let's talk about one of the interesting areas of the site – restoration rooms and museum storage on the basement floor. All areas have been designed in such a way that the exhibits follow the shortest possible route when going through the necessary procedures.

All the equipment has been chosen to optimise the space – the storage area is organised in a two-tier way, and the restoration equipment is suitable for several types of objects. Even these uncomplicated solutions help to save save almost twice as much space.

All the rooms are equipped with modern equipment, in some cases unique to the CIS countries.

Here are some interesting examples. The first one is equipment for lifting forklifts with exhibits into the unloading room. This area is elevated from the carriageway of the car park. It was necessary to make the parking area without unnecessary drive-ins and lifts. Installing a lift was not a logistically optimal option in terms of speed and logistics. So we proposed a raised platform, which when lowered is simply part of the road in the parking area. The platform is completely safe – no person or vehicle can pass under the raised platform. They will be stopped by safety sensors.

The second example is a unique piece of equipment in the restoration area – a carpet washing machine up to 4 x 8 metres.

The art of carpet weaving in Muslim culture is of the utmost importance. But there is practically no special equipment for washing. The standard method of cleaning carpets for expositions is the manual method (trap and mop). It is not the safest way to clean ancient specimens.

The unit is fully automated and cleans only sparingly, as gently as possible. In case of an emergency during the process, an emergency reset and automatic rinsing are available which guarantee the safety of the exhibit.

This equipment was manufactured in cooperation with foreign manufacturers and has only one counterpart in Russia – at the Hermitage.
Project run by
Katerina Shchadrova
Project lead
Elvina Zakirova
Senior process engineer
Ilyuza Yarmieva
Assistant Process Engineer
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