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Equipment integration
We help manufacturers of equipment and engineering solutions to develop integration measures strictly in accordance with the specific operation instructions, provide for an in-depth on-site testing according to the checklist and create additional value for Russian customers in the form of a project for the equipment integration.
Many equipment manufacturers and importers offer it to the customers in several versions:

  • without a project of integration into the specific room,
  • with a project developed by internal specialists.

It creates further complexities for a Russian customer. Documents in a foreign language create a language barrier, but, what's most important, the project is developed without due regard for the Russian regulation base.

Often, it results in the impossibility of either installation of the complex and expensive equipment in the allocated room, or receipt of all the necessary approvals.

This creates additional obstacles for the equipment buyer's business. These obstacles can be avoided even at the stage of conclusion of the contract.

In Russia, process design is subject to approval by many supervisory bodies, such as:

State expert evaluation of the project documentation,
Russian Federal State Agency for Health and Consumer Rights (Rospotrebnadzor),
Federal Environmental,
Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rostechnadzor), etc.

In certain cases, the project may be under approval in more than 10 supervisory organizations. Construction permit and other documents necessary for the launch of the object can't be obtained without obtaining all the necessary approvals.

By the time the contract is signed, the customer needs integration documentation for the equipment: technical specifications, allocation scheme, installation drawings.

Almost any customer in Russia appreciates the integration documentation translated into Russian and adapted to the his specific situation.

Our process designers will help creating the integration project ideally suitable for the customer's operation situation.

Equipment is an integral part of the single system of a building. Which means that integration of a certain manufacturer's equipment is dealing with the whole ecosystem.

One has to consider all interrelations: allocation logic, network load, operation costs.

We directly cooperate with the equipment manufacturers on the integration projects. Our technologists develop projects tailored for each client, which allows you to create additional value for your customers.
The integration project, developed in collaboration with Eggert Engineering specialists, has advantages both for the equipment manufacturers, and for the end users:

• integration documentation in Russian, which means that all technical specialists will be able to study the document without language obstacles,

compliance with all Russian norms and standards ensures that the client won't have any difficulties with the approval of the project in Russia,

the project is adapted to the needs of the customer – the supplier's equipment will perfectly fit the real situation of the client,

the project is developed considering all the requirements of the supplier, which means that integration measures strictly comply with the standard operational procedures and internal safety regulations,

we monitor the project to make sure that the client clearly understands it how the equipment should be used and operated,

we develop checklists, including the testing ones.

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