EGGERT Engineering
Golden City residential development
St. Petersburg
8,832 m2
A.Len →
260 parking lots
10 lift groups
Golden City is being built on the aggradated land of Vasilievsky Island under the project of KCAP Holding B.V. Orange consortium and A.Len architectural bureau.

In this project, the Eggert Engineering team were engaged in the development of the parking and vertical transport infrastructure.
Dmitry Vasiliev
Project manager
In several blocks of the development, we calculated not only the car parks but also the loads on the vertical transport – reception capacity of the lift groups and their sufficient number.

Designing vertical transport is not a difficult task for a process engineer, yet, it requires competent calculations and strict adherence to the construction specifications from the equipment manufacturers.

After the work was completed, we received an official message of thanks from OTIS for the smooth and quick completion of the tasks and the quality of calculations for the vertical transport shafts. A hell of a pleasure.
Project run by
Dmitry Vasiliev
Project load
Oleg Karpenko
Senior process engineer
Ilia Efimov
Process engineer
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