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EUROPOLIS shopping and entertainment complex
Europolis shopping centre is a project by FORTGROUP located in St. Petersburg near Lesnaya metro station. The architectural concept was developed by Chapman Taylor British architectural bureau.

Retail comprises 160 operators of various goods and services. Entertainment part of the complex houses a cinema and an Angry Birds theme park, while the internal space of the complex is transformed for events.
Vladimir Danilov
Director of Engineering
For Europolis, we paid special attention to the layouts quality and adherence to the specific operators' wishes.

Each operator, be it a large supermarket or a small café, has its own list of requirements. Often, off standard ones. For example, for a children's hairdressing salon, there are additional requirements for working with children.

An interesting site was an oriental cuisine restaurant with an open-fire cooking right in the hall. It was quite a task to get the necessary fire permits for such type of cooking to be carried out in a crowded room.

Accumulation of greasy soot on the air duct walls is one of the ignition causes. No matter how good the filters are, some of the soot will still enter the air duct. To make the facility safe, we have provided for additional measures to extinguish fires and treat the air ducts on a regular basis.
Project run by
Vladimir Danilov
Project Lead
Alexander Dobryshin
Senior Process Engineer
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