EGGERT Engineering
Production of optical and electronic components for Geofizika-Cosmos space research
clean room facilities
34 people – total number of employees
The history of the plant dates back to 1882 and the optical workshop of Dr. Fyodor Shvabe. Since 1958, Geofizika-Kosmos enterprise has been Russia's main company developing and manufacturing optical-electronic navigation devices for spacecraft.

Not a single Russian spacecraft has ever been made without the parts produced by Geofizika-Kosmos. Since 1959, Geofizika has participated in all Russian and many foreign space projects, including VOSTOK, SOYUZ, MIR, BURAN, SOYUZ-APPOLON, FOBOS, METEOR, GRANAT, MARS-94/96 and many others.
Dmitry Silantiev
Chief Executive Officer
Reconstruction of three sections of an existing production facility was carried out without interruption – the entire plant was in operation. The customer's needs are dictated by time and modern technology – for many production facilities, modernisation is not a management's wish, but a necessity.

Our main challenge was to find the most ergonomic arrangement of the equipment and to increase the cleanliness class on the minimum floor space (some rooms up to Class A with a three-stage airlock system).

The technology for automating production was completely overhauled. Before now, many operations were carried out manually, but these methods did not ensure optimum precision. New technologies in the production will speed up the manufacturing process and improve the product quality.
Project run by
Dmitry Silantiev
Project Lead
Dmitry Vasiliev
Chief Commercial Officer
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