EGGERT Engineering
Selectel data centre building
complies with European standards
St. Petersburg
5,598 m2
178 persons – scheduled staff
126 persons – maximum per shift
3 lift groups
Selectel has invested around RUB 1 billion to open its own data processing centre. This is a strategic move for the company, opening up new opportunities to enter the international market for data storage services.

The centre will house thousands of server rooms and will be one of the largest centres in Russia. Part of the capacities will be leased, and part will cover the company's own needs for the development of innovative technologies.

The company's clients are the largest organisations for which the slightest failure of IT equipment can lead to serious losses. Therefore, the operation of each of the hundreds of thousands of servers installed in the data centre must be flawless.
Vladimir Danilov
Director of Engineering
The security and reliability of the server equipment is ensured by strict adherence to national and international standards. The competent work of the engineering team allowed the data centre to obtain the Tier 3 reliability certificate, which is the highest performance evaluation.

Fault tolerance of the data centre is 99.982%. In other words – practically never. To ensure such results, a whole range of solutions was applied. Ventilation ducts run in the raised floor and above the ceiling of each room. Whole floors of precision air-conditioning units provide precise temperature and humidity settings, independent of changing conditions: if the server starts to heat up, sensors will be triggered instantly and the temperature in the rack will not change.

Thousands of multi-tonne batteries keep things running smoothly. And if that is not enough, the first of dozens of diesel generator sets can step in. A multistage filter system reliably retains the emissions from the gensets. And the vibrations from the generators are absorbed by the anti-vibration platforms on which both the generators and the server racks are installed.

As a result, the server rooms take up approximately a quarter of the building's floor space. The rest of the building is taken up by equipment to ensure reliable operation.

Another important point is ensuring information security. Strange as it may seem, the technologist is also needed here. But we will not talk about these solutions. Otherwise, the level of security would not be so high anymore.
Project run by
Vladimir Danilov
Project Lead
Dmitry Vasiliev
Chief Commercial Officer
Iliya Efimov
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