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Manufacture of medicines and cosmetics, Laboratory THOSCANE
clean room facilities
6680 m2
Laboratory THOSCANE produces products based on hyaluronic acid. It is used for various purposes, including intra-articular injections. This means that the production must not only be sterile, but also apyrogenic.

Sometimes it is sufficient to simply sterilise the product, i.e. to kill all the bacteria and viruses in it. But even dead bacteria and viruses contain toxins and other substances that can be harmful to humans. This is why maximum cleanliness (GMP Class A) must be maintained in such production of medicines and cosmetics.
Vladimir Danilov
Director of Engineering
About 80 preliminary versions have been made for the microbiology laboratory. The laboratory complex itself comprises a research and development department, a quality control department and a microbiology laboratory. Research is carried out using state-of-the-art equipment. Herewith the laboratory is housed in an unprecedentedly small space.

We have managed to design the laboratory without compromising people's comfort - the flows are distributed in a complex but very effective way. The final design makes optimum use of space – there is not even 0.1 extra m2. Nothing is used for nothing.

Even though the production facility is highly automated, it employs several hundred people. Distributing the flow of such a large number of people, taking into account the long, multi-stage locking of Class A rooms, is no easy task. It is complicated by the placement of production on several floors and in several buildings. This layout dictates the need for clear vertical communications and technology links between the buildings. Especially when it comes to sterile products and their transport.
Project run by
Vladimir Danilov
Project Lead
Dmirty Vasiliev
Chief Commercial Officer
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