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Development of the project concept
Project concept means specification of the business idea of the future building. Architectural concept deals with the appearance of the building and compliance of the object with the urban planning standards. Engineering concept defines its main technical indicators, functional content, use of space, types and parameters of engineering systems operation.
More often, investors only order an architectural concept without a detailed engineering elaboration. However, this approach is risky.

Ignoring the engineering concept is to miss out on additional earning opportunities and saving on the construction.

During the development, the process engineering complements the architecture with a functional model. It helps to more accurately calculate the profitability and understand what other functions can bring additional income.

Thanks to the concept development, the stakeholders understand feasibility of investment into the project and payback period of the investments.
Project concept means definition of constraints and finding new opportunities for implementation of the idea.
We understand the whole responsibility in the development of concepts, so every decision we make is supported by feasibility study and efficiency calculations.

When developing, we take into account all the wishes and limitations of the customer, take the initiative and offer solutions for consideration.

In the Eggert Engineering team, we have engineers and technologists with expertise in different fields. It won't be a problem for us to develop a concept both for single-purpose facilities, and multifunctional high-tech industries.

Based on the concept, not only the future functions of the building are developed, but also the economic model of the entire project, the return on investment is calculated as well.
The concept includes:
Internal and external factors analysis

Proposal for functionality adjustment
Primary building layouts
Description of all technological processes

Logistics of human flows and resources

Project feasibility study
Selection and main equipment allocation scheme
Load calculation and operation costs
Connection to water supply, sewerage and ventilation systems, energy networks
Other services
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