EGGERT Engineering
About us
Eggert Engineering is a team of attentive engineers who design with scientific precision and love of people.

We scrutinize and integrate the best world experience into our projects for creating the most efficient, comfortable and functional buildings.

We don't work for the sake of passing the expert evaluation.
We work to create a convenient, modern and comfortable world around us.
When we founded Eggert Engineering, it was our design approach that united us. We treat the building as a living body, subject to its own logic and ideology.
Our strengths
We care about people

Users' comfort increases productivity and overall impression of staying in the building. We create comfortable and functional buildings.
We solve the task in a comprehensive way

We take charge of all the technologies. We safe PEM's time, no documentation inconsistencies. We advise customers, architects and associates on all matters.
We justify decisions economically

Reasoning of decisions is the basic principle of design. Each decision is supported by references to the standards and efficiency calculations.
We employ scientific approach

We analyze the task, explore successful cases in the world's experience, create a functional model, introduce innovative technologies. We cooperate with practitioners, experts and researchers in various fields of expertise.
We are sure of the quality of the projects

We maintain strict internal design standards.
We provide a complete list of equipment for the estimate. We give the most detailed assignments to the engineers. Our projects are 100% implementable.
Each square meter should be used efficiently

The building should bring profit to the owner. In order to implement such an approach, in complex tasks we come up with up to 30 different design solutions until we find the ultimate one.
We strictly observe the deadlines

We are legally accountable for missing the deadlines due to our fault.
Quality control of design solutions and attention to detail is what distinguishes Eggert from other design companies.

We have developed special internal design standards to ensure ultimate cost efficiency and feasibility of project decisions.
The standards ensure the best correlation of efficiency, ecological safety, cost-effectiveness, production culture, ergonomics and environmental design.
Our primary resource is a team of the top-rank engineers. The specialists' work experience ranges from 6 to 20 years, the scope of competence – from hospitals to train stations, from metallurgy to microelectronics.

What we value most is a flexibility of our team and enthusiasm for solving challenging tasks. The company maintains a system of internal training – senior colleagues and invited experts in different fields upgrade the employees' skills.