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Chemicals manufacture for Sysmex laboratory diagnostics
366 m2
Japanese company Sysmex produces devices for medical laboratory diagnosis and chemicals for this equipment. This facility is only meant for production of chemicals. It is a popular consumable for laboratory tests.

The cost of its transportation from Japan is pretty high. Due to this, the equipment maintenance costs make the production less profitable. To reduce the costs and increase the sales, the company decided to import the highest concentration solutions from Japan and manufacture chemicals for sale already onsite.
Vladimir Danilov
Director of Engineering
At the production we managed to significantly reduce the area and save the customer's money. A complex production facility was placed in the smalles possible area. The site has several special features.

First, the production is located in an operating factory, and the site is located in the centre of a large production hall. Due to the matryoshka effect, the logistics of raw materials, products, personnel and waste were quite complex, especially in the event of an emergency.

Second, a large number of hazard class I toxic substances (flammable and explosive) are used in the reagent manufacturing process. Working with them in an enclosed area in the centre of the building and developing security measures were quite a challenge. Work safety is a very important aspect.

Technological solutions restricted the amount of chemicals that can be handled at one time. We distributed them to different production areas. Our engineers have developed a series of compensating measures, selected safe equipment, issued a detailed task to arrange fire-fighting measures and emergency exhaust ventilation.
Project run by
Vladimir Danilov
Project Lead
Victor Alexandrov
Senior Process Engineer
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