EGGERT Engineering
Production of hormonal medicines by Besins Healthcare
3276 m2
19 employees per shift
500 people – total number of people on the site
Besins Healthcare is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical hormonal products for women's and men's health. New plant in Yaroslavl will produce the drug Utrogestan. It is used to prevent premature births.

The production of progesterone APS (Active Pharmaceutical Substance) based drugs is a complicated case. It is an extremely dangerous drug in large quantities, with therapeutic doses measured in milligrams, and the volume of each production run is measured in kilograms. No air was allowed to enter the working areas and therefore not even a small amount of airborne fine powder on the operator's skin.
Vladimir Danilov
Director of Engineering
This task was solved by use of special powder transfer devices. All powder handling was done in a closed circuit with no direct human contact. Sophisticated locking system and training of the personnel increased the safety of the production process.

Waste management in this type of production is an important issue. It is a hazardous substance. Its residues on the equipment must also be disposed of in a way that does not harm the health of the employee. We have developed special processes for handling equipment that are safe for the employees and the environment.

The solutions are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The use of a multi-stage filtration system ensures that no hazardous substances are released into the environment.
Project run by
Vladimir Danilov
Project lead
Victor Alexandrov
Senior Process Engineer
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