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Agroimpex nut processing and food storage facility
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St. Petersburg
11,221 m2
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49 employees on the staff
46 max per shift
8 workstations office space
Agroimpex is one of the leaders on the Russian market for the wholesale supply of nuts and dried fruit. During the company's development, products were produced simultaneously at several sites in St. Petersburg. The management then decided to combine all the company's capacities, making logistics simpler and cheaper. The factory was built for the processing of nuts, legumes and other company products in the first place.
Vladimir Danilov
Director of Engineering
The project uses non-standard solutions for the vertical transport of raw materials and semi-finished products. This significantly reduced the space taken up by the equipment. Great attention has been paid to fire safety, since dried nuts and their shells and peels are highly flammable.

The company's products are successfully exported to many countries. This is why the design was conducted in accordance not only with Russian standards, but also with those of the European Union, UK, USA and other countries.

One of our proposals was to recycle waste from the factory. If previously the manufacturer had to dispose of waste (and that is not cheap), now all waste is classified, processed and sold. This brings additional profit, and production has become virtually waste-free.

A separate aspect of the company's business is the tens of thousands of square metres of multi-level, semi-automated food storage. For each type of product, there is the possibility to create special storage conditions. Products in the warehouse are not only stored, but can undergo different types of processing, repackaging and bundling.

The technological solutions thus enable the company to develop production with confidence and keep all production processes under control.
Project run by
Vladimir Danilov
Project Lead
Katerina Shchadrova
Project Manager
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