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We bring |to the buildings
Eggert Engineering is a general design with expertise in the process engineering and buildings functionality.

We design buildings in Russia and the CIS countries making every allowance for the subtle aspects of the host country regulations.
Solving complex and large-scale challenges is what we focus on.

We take charge of all the technologies and processes of the object.
We will help you solve all the issues and guide your team through the engineering pitfalls in Russia and EAEU countries. We will consult you or design a building according to your concept based on the Russian legal framework.

This will help to, already at the stage of the concept, present the client or a jury of the contest with a project implementable in the Russian environment. At the design stage, we will show you how to put into practice all the architects' ideas with no dramatical changes.
We often see that foreign architect and engineering bureaus in Russia face such issues as:
sections, stages and phases of engineering which significantly differ from the ones recognized in European countries and the USA,

• language and culture barrier,

legal framework being quite different from the one these companies are accustomed to work with,

search of Russian partner companies capable of adapting the project without making substantial changes therein,

extensive and multistage procedure of project documentation approvals.

In the Russian Federation, there is a separate section for process engineering, and the latter is obligatory both for the project, and for the design concept.

Reasonable technology design will help to:
Improve user comfort
Make cost-effective use of space
Pass Russian expert evaluation without dramatical aesthetic changes
Design fields
Solving complex and large-scale challenges is what we are dedicated to. We design in all construction industries:
We work in Russia and EAEU countries: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan.
We give a 100% warranty on:
Smooth passing of the expert evaluation
strict end control of documentation within the organization

Compliance with the deadlines
we are financially liable for delay in the project due to our fault

No conflicts in the project
we use BIM and control the consistency of all the project sections

Reasonable decisions
we look at several options, select the optimum one and prove it by calculations
Eggert's numbers
360 projects
approved at the expert evaluations
220 public buildings
designed for different purposes of use
96 factories
in different industries
Vladimir Danilov
I have lived and worked in Russia, Lithuania and Germany. From experience, I know exactly how different the design approaches are from country to country.

Sometimes, this may lead to serious misunderstandings and considerable difficulties as early as at the stage of contract preparation and scoping.

For instance, many concepts and terms are equally often used in Russia, Europe, and the US, while having different meanings. In particular, the scope of the project at the Concept Design stage in European terms is about three times as big as the one common to Russia.

This may lead to different estimates of the cost and documentation development timings at each stage.

It takes an experienced pilot to run a jointly developed project through many pitfalls of different interpretations and project traditions.

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